My mother has been at the home almost since it opened. She has thrived there, put on all the weight she had lost in hospital and is very content there. The staff are all very caring and happy to help both residents and their families. It has transformed my life having her live somewhere that I do not need to worry about her welfare.

Jane Colley (Loughton Hall)

Looks after the residents very well.  Clean and tidy home.

S B (High Meadow)

The manager and staff at this care home are absolutely amazing, they are professional, kin and hard working. Always find time and keep us well informed. I would recommend then to any concerned family and feel very lucky to have found this home for my 91 year old mother with dementia.

Elaine Finbow (Loughton Court)


Peter R (Loughton Court)

We are all very pleased with the care my mother receives at Loughton Court. She is treated with respect and always looks well dressed. She has actually put on weight in the 14 months she has lived there, she always appears happy and we never leave the home worrying about


Sandra H (Loughton Court)

The staff are excellent and caring towards the residents. Staff are always willing to talk to relatives anytime and answer their concerns. I found everything very clean and staff always tidying up.

Jayne R (Tralee Rest Home)

My aunt has been a resident of Loughton Court for the past 7 months. We visit my aunt on a regular basis sometimes in the day, sometimes evenings. We are always made welcome, all of the staff do a wonderful job showing great kindness to all the residents. They have many activities, painting, singing, outside entertainments. The latest project is to take all residents on a trip to Weston-super-Mare. Loughton Court is a very happy place, with wonderful dedicated staff.

Christine H (Loughton Court)

“ Excellent staff and care, good food.

Arthur W (High Meadow)

Friendly home, clean and tidy. A happy home for my mom to live in. The staff are all brilliant, the manager is also very friendly, helpful and very competent.

Gail Page (Loughton Court)

Loughton Court is a family friendly environment. The staff we have met are lovely and caring. Nothing is too much trouble. We can visit 24/7, not set times which proves they have nothing to hide.”

Debbie Lyndon (Loughton Court)

“ Excellent staff.

Albert W (High Meadow)

For the short time mum has been a resident I have found Loughton Court a very friendly, family environment. All residents seem as though they are well taken care of. Staff are very friendly and we can visit anytime night or day, basically its an open house, which is lovely. Maybe like always they could do with a little extra staff, but its not a big issue. I guess its like everywhere, having lots of staff would be an ideal


Ley Lyndon (Loughton Court)

This is a small homely home.  Very friendly staff who are always welcoming and cheerful.

Lyn D ( Loughton Court)

My mum's always enjoyed her stay at Loughton Court and she's been well looked after and safe. She gets plenty of food and drink and a lot of one to one with the staff.

Gail P ( Loughton Court)

Although not a purpose-built building, the owners are working towards improving the facilities within these constraints. More importantly, the care provided by the marvellous staff is excellent and residents are treated with great respect.

Diane Cox ( Loughton Court)

Excellent staff.

James A (High Meadow)

My mother has been a resident at this care home for the past 4 months. My mother was initially there for respite but after my father past away and my mother started to worsen she became a long term resident. My mother is very well looked after and the staff are excellent. They have helped her become a little more self sufficient.

Marisa C ( Loughton Court)

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